St. Pius X School is committed to utilizing technology to enhance education and to prepare students for their future. Our classrooms are equipped with cutting edge technology offering strategies for teaching and learning. Fully integrated into instruction, technology supports new strategies for teaching and learning. In our technology-rich classrooms, the teacher serves as a facilitator of instruction, coach, and mentor, helping them explore information spanning the globe. Students are not just taught how to use technology, but they are taught how to use technology as a tool for learning.  Some technology highlights include:

  • 1:1 student-to-laptop computer ratio (Apple platform age of five years or less) within each K-5 grade classroom via our 4 fully equipped mobile laptop carts.
  • Interactive whiteboard technology is present in 100% of  K-5 homerooms as well as in the art, music, and library classrooms.
  • Wireless Internet Connection throughout the school
  • Technology fully integrated within core curriculum
  • A computer lab with updated equipment
  • Several iPad and laptop computer carts with more planned for the 2016-2017 school year

As a school, we are committed to the ongoing development of infrastructure, hardware, software, and quality professional development related to technology resources in order to implement all of these efforts successfully within the learning environments of our children. Staff will prepare students to effectively and efficiently communicate, problem solve, and function in the 21st century.