SCRIP Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order SCRIP?

Buying SCRIP is easy!  You can:  1) order online;  2) buy SCRIP during Cash & Carry, or 3) get it immediately using My Scrip Wallet on your Smart Phone.  During the school year SCRIP is sold Cash & Carry every morning (except Thursdays) at St. Pius X School from 8:30-9:15 a.m. Cash & Carry SCRIP is also sold after certain weekend Masses at St. Pius X and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church – see church bulletin.

What is Scrip?

  • SCRIP is gift cards and/or e-cards you purchase to be used at local, regional and national businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, clothing, department stores and many more! Over 600 businesses offer SCRIP for purchase through the St. Pius X SCRIP Program!
  • When you purchase SCRIP, you receive gift cards or gift certificates that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them. This is similar to going to a store (such as Panera or Walmart) and buying a gift card to be used at that store for future purchases. The difference is that the purchase of the gift card is done at St. Pius X School instead of at the actual store.
  • SCRIP can be used to purchase anything from groceries, fuel, clothing, toys, and cosmetics to entertainment, electronics, home improvement, or household services. Some of the many vendors include Panera, Fareway, Old Navy, Walmart, Kohls, BP Gas, Elevate Salon, Dairy Queen, Barnes & Noble, Cost Cutters plus many more.
  • When you use SCRIP to buy your favorite products and services, funds are generated that are applied towards your next year tuition (tuition discount is called TRIP), and used as a source of operating income for St. Pius X School (which helps keep your tuition as low as possible). The result is that SCRIP is both a valuable and effective source of tuition discount for you and income for St. Pius X School!

How Does it Work?

  • You use SCRIP you have purchased through St. Pius X SCRIP program to pay for the services and products that you would buy for your daily needs anyways. Of course your friends and family can also purchase SCRIP from St. Pius X School!
  • You purchase the SCRIP through St. Pius X School SCRIP program at face value. The School keeps the difference between the discounted price and face value of the SCRIP, and splits that discount between you (TRIP tuition discount) and keeps part as third source income to the school to offset the operating costs.

Why Do Merchants offer discounted gift cards for the SCRIP Program?

  • Merchants like to offer discounted gift cards/certificates under the SCRIP program because it helps them support their communities effectively and continuously.
  • Merchants know that SCRIP users from St. Pius X School are very loyal and appreciative customers! Many families will base their spending (restaurants and other shopping) on whether or not the store or restaurant participates in SCRIP!
  • It is a win-win arrangement for everyone.
  • If you own a business that would like to offer SCRIP through this program, contact the School office at 393-4507.

How much can I earn as a tuition discount (TRIP)?

There is no limit for your tuition discount (TRIP) when you participate in the SCRIP program! As you purchase SCRIP throughout the year (May 1st – April 30th), we are tracking your purchases and the discount applied. Starting with your first purchase, 65% of the discount is applied to your tuition for next school year (TRIP) and the remaining 35% becomes third source income for our school. The more you use SCRIP, the more the school benefits and the more you can earn toward your tuition. You may designate your TRIP (tuition discount) be applied towards tuition at St. Pius X School, Regis, Xavier, St. Pius X ELC, Religious Education, or towards the building funds at either St. Elizabeth Ann Seton or St. Pius X Church.

Who Can Buy SCRIP?

Anyone may purchase SCRIP and donate their profit to any family. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, neighbors, coworkers…anyone may purchase SCRIP for any family’s account.

Is SCRIP Mandatory?

Through the use of SCRIP, families generate about $10,000 – $15,000 of annual third source income to St. Pius X School! Without the SCRIP program, tuition costs would raise significantly. Participation in SCRIP is voluntary, however, it greatly benefits the school & you so we strongly encourage participation.  Of the percentage that each vendor offers, 65% of that savings goes to the account you designate, and 35% goes to the school.  As you can see it is a win-win situation for you and the school!

How Do I Get Started?

  • The first step is to register on-line at Once registered, you may place orders online, anytime day or night, and pay with our convenient PrestoPay service, or order online and send a check to school for payment.
  • Cash & Carry is also available for select vendors. You may purchase Cash & Carry during the school year between 8:30-9:15 a.m. at school (weekdays – except Thursdays), or on the weekends after Mass at church.

How Can I Help?

  • First and foremost, you help the school by purchasing SCRIP for goods and services that you would already be purchasing!
  • SCRIP is run entirely by volunteers. The team needs volunteers to sell Cash & Carry, pick up SCRIP from merchants, process and fill orders, and other general volunteer positions. Give us a call at school or email us at

Online ordering:

Contact SCRIP: Call the school at 393-4507 or email: