Spirituality at St. Pius X School centers on four pillars of Christian life: prayerstudycommunity, and service. These four pillars are woven throughout daily life at St. Pius X School.


One of the key elements in forming the bond of unity between the members of the St. Pius X School community is the union we share with God that is nurtured by prayer. Every school day begins with and is punctuated by prayer, including reflection on the Scriptures. Each week we come together as a school for the celebration of Mass. Students prepare the liturgy, and participate fully by reading, singing, altar serving, and greeting the school community.


All academic learning is both enriching and engaging of the mind and heart. Our religious curriculum works in harmony with the other subject areas to maintain an environment that allows students to discover and cherish both faith and reason.


At St. Pius X School, opportunities abound to deepen one’s life of faith by sharing it with others, from discussions within the classroom to service learning with area Catholic peers. The deepening of the students’ faith within St. Pius X School enables them to more fully give of themselves to the broader communities to which they belong.


Encouraged to see all of their talents as gifts given to them by God for the service of others, the students of St. Pius X School actively reach out to others. Each class plans service projects involving every student. The forms of service vary widely, but they cover the whole range of works of mercy lived and preached by Jesus Christ.