SCRIP Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry Order Form  18-19

If you have not opened your SCRIP online account you can find the instructions on the school website under SCRIP or send an email to for instructions

Some interesting information to know:

  1. Walmart SCRIP can be used at Sam’s for payment at the time of sale and for a gas purchase. It can not be used to pay off a Sam’s bill.
  2. Kohl’s SCRIP can be used to pay off your Kohls’ credit card balance by going into the store.

Did you know that if you have Presto Pay with your online account you can reload a reloadable card in 24 hours. Reloadable cards are great for those times when you wish you had more money on your card but, you don’t have to wait until the next Monday order. Or, when you see something on sale but don’t have any SCRIP,all you have to do is reload an old card. I would suggest to keep all you reloadable cards for future use.

Here is how it works:

  1. First, check the website for cards that are reloadable. Burger King, Comfort Inn Hotel, CVS Pharmacy, JC Penneys, Lowe’s and Starbuck’s are just a few, be sure to check the reload section on the website for all available reloadable cards. Once you have purchased a reloadable card you can reuse it to reload.
  2. Second, from your homepage go to the reload tab and it will walk you through the directions. The directions will tell you when to expect your credit.

A couple of things to remember:

  1. You must place your order before 3pm EASTERN TIME (or 2pm our time)to receive credit the next morning.
  2. If you place your order by 3pm EASTERN TIME (or 2pm our time) on Friday you will have your credit by Saturday morning. If you don’t get it ordered by 3pm EASTERN TIME (or 2pm our time), you will not be credited until TUES morning.