Why Catholic Education at St. Pius X?

We all know that choosing a school for our children is an important and lasting decision that will have an enormous impact on your child’s future.

In challenging economic times, why should parents choose a Catholic education for their children?

St. Pius X School is an extension of the missions of our parish communities at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church and St. Pius X Church. It is the place where your child will thrive spiritually, socially, and academically by instilling Catholic values, beliefs and traditions through quality education and Christ-like living.

Here are some of the benefits of the Catholic education children receive at St. Pius X School:

Values and Faith

  • St. Pius School strives to create a special bond among the students, the home, the school, and the Church missions of St. Pius X Church and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, so that all share a strong sense of community.
  • The values and faith taught to children by parents at home are reinforced every day at school and in our co-curricular activities.
  • The faith-based environment encourages all students to develop a relationship with God and instills Christ-like living.
  • Catholic schools join with the family to help students understand their special place in the family, the Church, and society.
  • Catholic schools help students understand the value of respect for others and that each person is unique and valuable.
  • Catholic schools emphasize moral development and leadership skills.
  • Besides classroom instruction in religion — liturgical and sacramental participation is part of our school program including preparation for sacraments and weekly all-school liturgies.

Service Learning

  • A Catholic education fosters compassion and service: Beginning in Kindergarten, St. Pius X School integrates community service as a basic part of the curriculum throughout the school experience.
  • Through service for others, each student learns the value of being Christ-like to others and grows in gratitude for their many blessings.

Strong Academics

  • With a comprehensive set of curriculum that meets all state regulations and guidelines, St. Pius X School’s test scores are above national, state, and local averages — and compete with the best schools in the Cedar Rapids metro-area.
  • Ninety-nine percent of seniors who attend Xavier High School graduate and 96% go on to post-secondary education.
  • St. Pius X School has a balanced curriculum including art, music, Spanish, technology and physical education.

Enhanced Technology

  • St. Pius X School is committed to technology use to enhance education. Our classrooms are equipped with new computers, interactive smart boards, and other cutting-edge technology.
  • Students are not just taught how to use the latest technology, but they are taught how to use technology as a tool for learning.

High Parent Involvement

  • Our children benefit because our parents and school are working together. Our parents are expected to be involved, to volunteer and to reinforce the values of the school community.
  • St. Pius X School recognizes the parents and family as their child’s first teachers and primary educators. The school joins with parents to form a living community of shared visions.

Caring, Nurturing, and Safe Environment

  • Our school offers individual attention in a caring, nurturing community.
  • Each student is known by name.
  • St. Pius X School is a disciplined atmosphere that provides safety and order for student learning.

Committed Educators

  • St. Pius X School has exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential and demonstrate a genuine dedication to their students.
  • Educational aides assist in grades Kindergarten and 1st Grade to individualize the educational program even more.

A Good Investment

  • What better investment can you make than in your child? The value of a Catholic education is well worth the cost. It is a life-long investment in your child’s future by providing a well-rounded foundation that includes challenging academics, moral development, and faith-based values.
  • Catholic education offers strong preparation for further education.
  • St. Pius X School is a good steward of resources.


For families who quality, tuition assistance is available through a Student Tuition Organization, making Catholic education accessible to families who would have otherwise been unable to afford a non-public school.