Donate Now

By Phone

To donate to St. Pius X School by phone, call (319) 393-4507.

By Mail

Complete this Donation Form and mail with your check made payable to:
St. Pius X School
4901 Council Street NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Donate Now

There are many ways to support St. Pius X School. A gift to St. Pius X School can be your way of passing on the many blessings which our God has graciously bestowed on us. Your gift will preserve and pass on the gift of our Catholic faith to our youth. Catholic schools are no longer blessed with the lifelong commitment of sisters, brothers and priests to support this ministry. Retaining quality teachers is paramount in keeping our education to the highest standard. The degree of excellence which our education programs provide require substantial resources for giving quality teachers a fair and equitable wage, as well as safe and pleasant facilities, updated materials, textbooks, technology and supplies.

Your donation to St. Pius X School will:

  • $25 will provide two books for the school library.
  • $50 will provide one-week worth of restroom paper towels.
  • $75 will provide consumable classroom supplies for one student for the entire year.
  • $100 will provide textbooks for one student for the entire year.
  • $250 will provide a one year supply of band-aids for the school office.
  • $500 will provide the average repair cost for a student laptop computer.
  • $1000 will provide a portion of the cost of construction paper purchases.
  • $5,000 will provide an interactive Smartboard in a classroom.