Sponsor a Student – Student Tuition Organization (STO) Gifts

Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO) is a charitable organization representing all of the Catholic K-12 schools in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. The STO receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and allocates those funds in tuition grants to Iowa school children, who in turn, use those grants to attend one of the schools represented by the STO. At least 90% of the STO money received must go back out in tuition grants within the year.

Your donation to Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future STO gives the gift of school choice to Iowa families regardless of their financial situation. With this gift, families have the ability to choose the educational setting that best meets the needs of their children. Be sure to note

  • All individual taxpayers who donate receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of their gift.
  • All gifts also qualify for federal deduction as a charitable contribution.
  • Any amount may be donated and is appreciated.
  • You can restrict up to half of your donation to go to students at St. Pius X School.

Example of Tax Savings

Contribution Amount $1000
Iowa Income Tax Savings (Credit) $650
Federal Income Tax Savings* $250

*Assumes 25% Federal Income Tax Bracket
This is provided as an example. All taxpayers should consult with their tax adviser for specific information.

Our donors have saved more than $4.5 million in Iowa income taxes in 3 years.