Dress Code

The Dress Code of St. Pius X School strives to reflect good taste, neatness, cleanliness and Christian modesty while avoiding trends and fads. Students reflect pride in themselves and their school by the way they dress and act. Clothing must be the appropriate length and fit, be in good repair, free from rips, holes and frays. It is expected that parents/guardians will ensure their students attend school in dress code.

To simplify the purchase of school clothes, links are provided on the left side of this page to PS Adfinity , Dennis Uniforms, and Lands’ End where you will find dress-code approved clothing.  Creative Design also sells approved spirit-wear.  You are not required to purchase clothing from these sites;  the links have been provided simply for your convenience.

Spirit Days & Casual Days

Casual Days

On the last Friday of the month that school is scheduled, students may wear non-dress code clothing as long as the clothes follow the guidelines set in the school dress code.

Spirit Days

All other Fridays are typically designated as “Spirit Days”, which means that students may wear approved SPX spirit-wear shirts with any approved dress down bottom. Shirts must be tucked into jeans, khaki style or sweat pants, shorts or skirts of appropriate length. Approved spirit-wear items are available through PS Adfinity/PTO. Also approved for spirit-wear is any SPX event t-shirt, Xavier camp t-shirt, Xavier sporting team jersey, t-shirt, or sweatshirt.

SPX Dress Code