Medication Administration

Complete the Medication Administration Forms for prescription medications and provide them, along with the medication, to the school office.  Permission for over-the-counter medication is granted through eRegistration on Powerschool.

    • A written medication administration record shall be on file at school and only medication listed on the forms shall be administered during the time the student is at school.
    • The parent or legal guardian shall provide written authorization for both prescription and non-prescription medication.
    • The prescriber’s signature is required on this completed form before any prescription medication will be given.
    • The school shall have the right to contact the prescriber’s office to confirm or clarify medication instructions.
    • All medication shall be supplied to the school in the original container, properly labeled, and shall be administered only by personnel who have successfully completed a medication administration course (except in an emergency situation).
    • All medication shall be stored in a secure area unless an alternate provision is documented.

Medication records shall be kept confidential.

  • The medication must be kept in the school office unless otherwise authorized.
  • All medications must be kept in the original pharmacist’s container.
  • Containers must be properly labeled with the most current prescription information.
  • Prescription containers must include the following information: name of medication, strength and quantity, dosage, prescription serial number, name and address of pharmacy, date prescription is dispensed, time to be given, name of doctor, name of student, and route of administration.
  • The time of medication administration may need to be altered slightly to fit your child’s schedule.
  • Please remind your child that she/he is responsible to go to the office at the appropriate time.
  • Medication will not be given if it has expired or it has an improper label. Please check the container before sending it to school.
  • We suggest you ask your pharmacist for a bottle labeled for school use.