Cedar Rapids Community School busing is available for most of our elementary school students living in the Cedar Rapids School District who live at least two miles from school. If busing is not available in the area where you live, you may qualify for reimbursement for transporting your child to and from school. Completion of the proper form is required for reimbursements.

For information regarding busing, call the transportation department in the school district in which you reside (Cedar Rapids Community School District, Linn-Mar School District, Marion School District etc.). Parents who use child care facilities may also wish to contact the particular facility to inquire about transportation to and from St. Pius X School.

Bus route information from the prior school year will be used for returning students. If you need to ADD or CHANGE your busing information, please download the Transportation Request Form and return it to the school office by May 1st.

Complete a Transportation Request Form to request busing for kindergarteners and new students

Iowa Code requires public school districts to provide transportation services to resident nonpublic students that are entitled. How the transportation service will be provided is to be determined by the public school district.

If your public school district selects the “Parent Reimbursement” option, it is your responsibility as the nonpublic parent or guardian to notify your resident public school district that you have children attending an accredited nonpublic school. Specific information, as requested by the resident school district, must be submitted no later than December 1st for first semester reimbursement and May 1st for second semester.

The district claiming and payment process, as directed by the state of Iowa, is a once-a-year process, meaning, if you qualify, you will receive one reimbursement check in the fall for the entire year.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to receive nonpublic school transportation disbursements you must:

  1. Reside within the boundaries of a participating public school district.
  2. Send your student to an accredited non-public school, grades K-12
  3. Live more than 2 miles away from the non-public school of attendance in elementary grades and more than 3 miles for secondary students.
  4. Be transporting your child(ren) all or part of the way to the school of attendance
  5. Have no public school bus service available for transportation to the nonpublic school of attendance.

How applications are submitted vary from district to district, so be sure to note where these forms are to be sent for your particular district and whether or not a principal’s signature is needed before submission.

Cedar Rapids Community School District Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Application

Linn-Mar Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form

Marion Independent School District Affidavit of Attendance for Parent Reimbursement